Private Tutoring (Math and Coding, Grade 11/12/University-level)

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    Dates: Tuesdays, October 17, 2023 onwards, 6:30-7:30pm
    Location: Online

    This 1-hour session equips students to approach problems on their own, and using common free tools found on the internet. The session is student-led, where the student presents topics or problems that they are struggling with. If time permits, I suggest follow up questions and challenges the student can attempt to further strengthen their understanding of the subject matter.

    Grade 11/12 Subjects:

    – Grade 11 Functions
    – Grade 11/12 Biology/Chemistry/Physics
    – Grade 12 Advanced Functions
    – Grade 12 Data Management
    – Grade 12 Calculus

    University-level subjects:

    – First and second year math: Linear algebra, pre-calculus, calculus
    – First and second year physics
    – Coding: python, HTML, C++
    – First and second year mechanical/civil/electrical engineering courses
    – First to fourth year design courses
    – Technical writing & essay review
    – Engineering ethics courses

    In addition to the aforementioned subjects, I provide guidance on career choices, university and scholarship applications, extracurriculars, learning strategies and goal setting.

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  1. Zaid Nakhuda (verified owner)

    I am a University student and Afifa has been very helpful when when it comes to coding. I have had some trouble understanding how to code in a few languages and Afifa was able to help me understand it well. I look forward to booking more tutoring sessions in the future!

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