Afifa Saleem

Engineer | Educator | Entrepreneur

Location: Toronto, Canada

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Salaam! My name is Afifa Saleem. I enjoy covering topics and skills in the Sciences, Coding and Math and how they relate to Islam – especially while integrating engineering design thinking within these topics. I help prepare students for a potential career in engineering that is intentional, self-empowering and socially conscious. I also love to talk about my personal experiences as a Muslim female engineer and bring this energy to my classes!

I have completed a Masters in Biomedical Engineering, after a Bachelors in Engineering Science, both at University of Toronto. I have been tutoring and teaching formally and informally for over 12 years. My earliest experiences include one-on-one tutoring in STEAM topics, while my most recent and ongoing experiences include teaching week-long STEM camps at University of Toronto and being an Educator on Outschool. I am excited to be sharing relevant knowledge and my experiences in biomedical research with my students!

In my classes, I encourage students to ask questions that drive the learning process. Asking questions and trying to solve them as a group brings about confidence in students to tackle larger issues, and also allows for me to gauge student interests and understanding. I appreciate when students leave my classroom with new curiosities and I often try to prepare them with the mindset, skills and resources to address these curiosities on their own.

When I am not teaching or doing research, you will find me practicing various art forms, out on a walk or spending time with my family and friends!

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