Advanced Scratch Coding and the Engineering Design Process: 1-on-1 Private Classes

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    In this 60-min session, students will solidify their knowledge of MIT’s Scratch platform ( while also learning about the iterative engineering design process. This process involves identifying the problem, brainstorming solutions, prototyping, testing solutions and critiquing them. Students will be able to put their ‘engineering hard hats’ on to think systematically, logically and consider a variety of factors when choosing design solutions for their Scratch project.

    This class is student-led, so the topic of each class is decided based on student’s interests. Each week, the student will create a new project that combines familiar elements on the Scratch interface, based on the topic on interest.

    My role in this class will be to enable students to apply their creativity in a productive way – while also learning key skills in design thinking, such as brainstorming, prototyping and communicating design solutions. In addition, as an engineer, I will take a small portion of the class to discuss potential career options in engineering – and where engineering design would be applied in these career options.

    **Note: This class is for students who have significant experience with the elements of Scratch and are looking to create advanced-level projects with multiple components & features. For beginner or intermediate (instructor-led) classes, please check out my other courses.**

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  1. farahq81 (verified owner)

    If you’re thinking about signing your kid up for an online coding class, I totally recommend the Scratch Advance class with Teacher Afifa. She really knows how to work with kids and makes sure everyone gets the help they need. She’s always challenging them to do better but in a fun way!

    The classes start on time and Teacher Afifa always sticks around to answer extra questions and offer help if anyone needs it. She’s great at helping kids get unstuck using screen sharing too, which comes in super handy when you they are stuck and you are not around.

    One thing I really appreciated was how well she communicated with me. She kept me in the loop about how my child was doing and if there were any issues to address. Plus, she was really open to hearing from me about how the classes were going and even made some changes based on my suggestions to help my kid learn better.

    So, for any parent looking at this class, go for it! It’s been a fantastic experience for us.

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