Beginner Coding Course – Transitioning from Scratch to Python

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    Dates: Sundays, Jan 21 – Apr 7, 2024, 11:00am-12:00pm EST
    Location: Online

    In this course, students will gain experience in basic Python concepts, by relating each concept to their previous experience in Scratch. Students will make connections between block-based and text-based coding through transitionary activities. At the end of the workshop, students will be able to comfortably use text-based coding to perform simple tasks.

    Each week, students will cover one topic and complete a mini-project. The project will first be completed in Scratch (, and then in Python Sandbox ( – highlighting how the topic is used in either platform. As a class, the limitations and benefits of each platform will also be discussed.

    The weekly schedule is as follows:
    Week 1-2 – Syntax
    Week 3-4 – Variables
    Week 5-6 – Conditional statements
    Week 7-8 – For loops
    Week 9-10 – Functions
    Week 11-12 – Functions cont.

    My role in this class will be to enable students to build upon familiar concepts in order to develop a new skill. In addition, as an engineer, I will take a small portion of the class to discuss potential career options in engineering – and where coding in Python would be applied in these career options.

    **Note: This class is for students who are very comfortable with the elements of Scratch and are ready to take their skills further. For beginner, intermediate or advanced Scratch classes, please check out my other courses.**

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  1. Mohammad Saleem (verified owner)

    Afifa is a patient and engaging teacher. My son had a great experience in this class. He especially enjoyed the projects he completed and enjoys sharing them with his friends.

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