The Best Ummah

Location: Al Huda Institute Canada, McAdam Road, Mississauga, ON, Canada

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    Al Huda Weekend Scholastics (AHWS) is excited to announce our new Saturday program, The Best Ummah!

    Together, let’s raise our next generation with the traits Qur’an highlights for the Best Ummah, our children must recognize the honoured status and the responsibility that we have of doing good to all mankind. This Saturday program will include Qur’an stories, Du’as and Seerah, where students will be encouraged to be pro-active in projects and skill building exercises that feed courage, humility, honesty, trust and other aspects of human glory.

    Prerequisite: a learning attitude, basic ability to recite Qur’an and English note taking, ability to focus and a thirst for knowledge!
    Duration: September 2023 -June 2024
    Venue : Onsite Only
    Days: Saturdays Only
    Audience: Ages 5-15 Boys & Girls
    Fee: $170 per Term (1 term = 3months)
    For any queries email,
    AHWS will begin on the weekend of Sep 23rd, with Orientation sessions for parents and students 11:30-1:30.

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