Ramadan Linguistics: Unlocking Arabic رمضان بالعربية

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  • Class Description

    Date and Time: March 10, 2024, at 11 am EST & 12pm EST.

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Age range: 8-12 yrs

    Class Size: 3-7 students

    As the blessed month approaches, do you find yourself puzzled by terms like Qiyam (قيام) or Sawm (صوم)? Fear not, for you are not alone!

    This course is meticulously crafted to unravel the mysteries behind the Arabic words and phrases that echo throughout Ramadan.

    By the end of the course, students will:

    1. Grasp the meanings of the most commonly used vocabulary in Ramadan, such as Sawm (صوم), Qiyam (قيام), and Laylatul Qadr (ليلة القدر).

    2. Understand the significance of the most frequently recited Duas in the Ramadan month, like “اللهم إنك عفو كريم تحب العفو فاعفو عنا”.

    3. Practice essential Arabic Duas for the Ramadan month, including the Iftar Duaa (اللهم لك صمت).

    4. Gain insight into the nobility of the month of Ramadan.


  • Learning Goals

    What You’ll Discover:

    • Key Vocabulary: Learn the essential Arabic terms related to Ramadan, their meanings, and how they’re used in context.
    • Cultural Insights: Beyond words, understand the significance of the practices and traditions observed during this holy month.
    • Interactive Learning: Engage with quizzes, audio clips, and visual aids designed for easy learning and retention.

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  1. Masarath N.

    I loved the way Sister Sarah made the lesson interactive rather than just teaching from the slides. It helps them build the vocabulary.

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