Math & Literacy Fun

Duration: 60 minutes

Ages: 7 – 8 years old

Class Size: – students

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  • Class Description

    Math & Literacy Fun Grades 2-3: Have your young learners experience super-live-social Math & Literacy fun. Consists of storytimes, crafts, songs, reading, and writing action. Topics covered are: Cardinal and Ordinal numbers, Problem solving, Probability, Data Management, Tally Marks, Pictographs, Fractions, Plurals, Nouns, Adjectives, verbs, pronouns, Sequence of a story, opinion writing, measurements, time, addition & subtraction, and more. Based on the Ontario Curriculum for second and third grades.
    Teacher: Zuha Mirza
    Time: 10:00-11:00 am
    Day: Tue & Thurs
    Grades: 2-3
    Package Monthly Fee: $40

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Dawanet E-Learning

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