How to Craft Strong Compelling Paragraphs

Location: Virtual Event

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  • Class Description

    Ages: 10-12 year old

    Dates: Sundays, June 2-23, 12-1pm EST

    Location: Online via Zoom

    This 4-week workshop series aims to enhance students’ paragraph-writing skills through interactive examples, activities, models, and practice. Students will learn the craftmanship of writing using essential techniques to craft cohesive and impactful paragraphs. Students will learn to structure paragraphs effectively using the burger model, develop clear and concise sentences, use descriptive words and transitions, and refine their editing skills by proofreading their writing pieces.

    Weekly Schedule:
    Week 1 > May 26th: Introductions + Topic Sentences
    Week 2 > June 2nd: Supporting Sentences
    Week 3 > June 9th: Concluding Sentences
    Week 4 > June 16th: Wrapping it up all together + Review

    Each lesson will consist of:
    Ice-breakers + Review
    A mini-lesson
    Studying and analyzing a model/examples
    Using a graphic organizer
    Practice and feedback
    In-class assignment (Exit ticket)

    Interactive apps/websites that will be used in the workshops:
    Mentimeter, Kahoot, Quizz

  • Learning Supplies

    • A Gmail account to access Google Classroom, Google slides, and Google docs
  • Homework Description

    Students will be assigned worksheets and writing tasks after each class through Google Classroom. They will also receive constructive feedback and tips to improve.

  • Learning Goals

    Students will learn and become familiar with:

    • The importance of effective paragraph writing and its impact on communication
    • The structure and key components of a paragraph
    • Develop skills in writing clear and concise topic sentences that express the main idea of a paragraph
    • Writing effective supporting sentences that provide
      evidence, examples, and details to support the main idea
    • Practicing writing paragraphs and receive
      feedback to improve their writing skills

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