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True knowledge for little hearts.

Location: Toronto, Canada

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UmmatiKids was founded in February 2018, by a group of strongly motivated and passionate members who believed in spreading true knowledge to the little hearts.

​We have grown and expanded our programs since then, with multiple ongoing levelled courses and workshops; bringing more for what our children strive for.

UmmatiKids sets apart from mainstream schooling and tutoring. Our foundational skill set, whether physical, social, emotional, or spiritual is stimulated to grow the innate fitra of the child.

If this is what you aim for them, then UmmatiKids is your child’s platform to attain a love for learning. We are a small team of hard-working members, who strive to fulfill the gap in ​acquiring ​true knowledge​ to connect with Allah,​ especially for the little Muslims of our Ummah.

Our mission is to instill love in the tender hearts, of our beautiful Deen, for Allah, for teachings of the Quran, Sunnah of Rasulullah ﷺ and other foundational aspects of our flawless and complete
Deen​ by providing ​educational-based enlightenment and enrichment that is attained through fun engaging interactive classes, skills, programs, workshops, and community events tailored for ​ages 5 -15.​

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