Sound Vision Foundation

Raising Better Muslims, Better Neighbors, Better Citizens

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Sound Vision Foundation Inc. is a pioneering Muslim media and communication organization, with a three-decade legacy of flagship programs including Muslim-focused content in the form of documentaries, newsletter articles, thinking and talking points, and the latest offering Muslim Network TV. The organization’s mission is to cultivate harmony among Muslims and their neighbors through art, media, strategic communication, and education. More details are available at

One of its popular offerings for Muslim children was the introduction of internationally famous puppets Adam and Aneesah. For more than 30 years, Adam’s World videos have raised generations of Muslims with sound Islamic content that is applied to daily life. The videos are still produced with classic and new videos are available 24/7 on a convenient app that is available by subscription at

Sound Vision has also designed online children’s courses that bring Islamic educational content into the convenience of your home for the entire family. Our courses teach about topics that children are likely to encounter in daily life and then connect them to Islamic guidance. Our hosts are amazing role models who use songs, stories, crafts, and fun activities that our students and parents love. More details about online offerings are available at

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