Faraz Shoukat

Blending cultures, data, and fitness for a spiritually enriched life.

Location: Waterloo, Canada

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Embarking on a life adventure that’s taken me from the bustling streets of India to the sun-kissed sands of the Middle East, and finally to the land of maple syrup and polite apologies—Canada. Before the age of 25, I had more stamps in my passport than likes on a cat video.

I come from a time when “wireless” meant “no seatbelt,” and I’m on a quest to show the smartphone-savvy youth that there’s a world beyond screens—a world where clouds aren’t just data storage and trees are more than just potential paper.

As a self-proclaimed animal whisperer, I encourage our children to befriend the squirrels and debate with the ducks. But beyond the furry fun, I’m serious about teaching the link between doing push-ups and lifting spirits, and how both can bring us closer to Allah.

With a corporate career spanning over a decade, I’ve crunched numbers, tackled data sets, and governed the ungovernable—all while playing the role of a homeschooling Baba, imparting wisdom and occasionally, dad jokes.

Join me on this educational odyssey (which also happens to be my DadMobile) where we flex our muscles and our minds, proving that a healthy body and a healthy data set can lead to a spiritually wealthy life.

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