Symbols and Signs: A Literacy and Arts-Based Workshop

Location: Islamic Foundation of Toronto, Nugget Avenue, Scarborough, ON, Canada

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    Ustadha Elma Harder from @sakinahcircle very recently shared with me her incredible resource ‘Symbols and Signs’ for yearning hearts and enquiring minds.

    In this workshop, children will study the meanings of different symbols and signs as well as how this semiotic relationship impacts society.

    Our focus is on discovering the meanings of symbols, such as of the olive, from within the context of the Palestinian resistance and the Qur’anic worldview.

    Students will express themselves through visual, oral and/or written responses by using their knowledge of symbols to display their dreams for Palestine.

    This workshop is in Scarborough and for both boys and girls. Spots are limited. 100% proceeds from this event go to orphan sponsorship to @hcicanada

    See bio for registration or message to get a direct link to register.

    Nasheed “Tala al badru ‘alayna” by Al Musafirun

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