Signs of the Divine Youth Poetry

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    This 8 week course covers created signs in the universe as a way to draw closer to the Divine and the Divine Names as they manifest through His creation. In addition to appreciating the verses from the Qur’an, students will expand their knowledge of natural science and biology. We will study: the cosmos, earth, night & day, mountains and valleys, water, flora  & fauna, life cycles, quantum mysteries. For new and returning students.

    We will cover writing devices such as: Metaphor, imagery, metonymy, meter, euphony, personification, enjambment, and repetition.

    We will cover poetry forms such as: Free verse, list poetry, couplets, tercets, acrostic, fluid prose, quatrains, and narrative. 

    Instructor: Sr. Wajiha Khalil

    Time: 11am EST.

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    Dates: November 16th – January 11th – One week off November 23rd.  

    Cost: $95 (first child) $170 (two or more siblings)

    Where: ZOOM (link will be emailed). Recorded. 

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