Master The Art of Debating

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    Join our Debate Program and learn the art of debate with facts and professionally

    Start Date: Sunday, May 5th
    Time: 11 am- 12 pm ( EST)
    Duration: 8 weeks
    ( Every Sunday)
    Location: Online
    Age 12+
    Price $ 65

    Week 1-2: Introduction to Debate and Public Speaking
    Overview of debate principles and formats
    Basics of public speaking and communication
    Icebreaker activities

    Week 3-4: Argumentation and Constructing Cases
    Understanding argument structure
    Formulating claims, evidence, and reasoning
    Constructing persuasive cases

    Week 5-6: Logical Fallacies, Counterarguments, and Research Skills
    Identifying common logical fallacies
    Strategies for countering fallacious arguments
    Basic research skills and evidence gathering

    Week 7: Public Speaking Techniques and Debate Formats
    Vocal variety, modulation, and gestures
    Managing nervousness and building confidence
    Introduction to debate formats

    Week 8: Tournament Preparation and Final Debate Competition
    Simulated debate tournament setup
    Mock debates with judging
    Individualized coaching, feedback, and preparation for the final debate competition

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