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  • Class Description


    This course will start on March 10th @ 8pm (EST)- This course will be held 3x a week on
    Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday -all days @ 8pm (EST) (1 Hour class each)
    Total- 15 classes
    Total -15 hours

    Course Description

    This course leads the student from zero to hero, as it is specially designed for non-Arabic speaking students. This is an interactive course, which provides an opportunity for small groups. Learning Arabic needs constant commitment and ambition to overcome the challenges of learning the language (difficult in the beginning, easier later).


    Each class will begin with a brief repetition of the material we have learned in the previous lessons. Then we will check the homework and start a new lesson. Successful participation in this class will require at least triple the amount of time outside the classroom than inside the classroom. The student who knows the alphabet and basics will take a test before starting the level. The student who doesn’t know anything about the language they will take one more level before level one.

    After completing all three programs (Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced) the student will be able to pass the international Arabic exam.

    After completing each lesson, the student will receive a PDF file of the lesson content, as well as an audio file recorded clearly and slowly. The last mark has been deliberately ignored in most cases when reading the lesson so it will not confuse the students.

    Goals and Learning outcomes


    Our Arabic course is designed to help students develop their four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. By the end of the beginning level, students should have mastered the Arabic sounds and basic proficiency in everyday conversational Arabic, including greetings and other common expressions. Also, they should have a basic vocabulary and some basic grammar concepts.


    Students will continue to develop their four language skills and vocabulary as well as concepts of grammar.

    AT ADVANCED LEVEL ( WILL LAUNCH AFTER THE INTERMEDIATE LEVEL), students should be able to communicate in Arabic and present and interpret information using their stock of Arabic vocabulary.

    Students’ abilities in Arabic will be assessed through a final exam at the end of every level (50% final exam, 50% participation and homework)

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