Hijabi Ballers X CHILL Snowboard Program

Duration: 450 minutes

Ages: 11 – years old

Class Size: – students

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  • Class Description

    Hijabi Ballers youth have the opportunity to participate in a snowboard program at Snow Valley Ski Resort, offered through Chill.

    ​Chill is a positive youth development program, revolving around a core value-driven curriculum, where board sports become a vehicle for building resilience, confidence, and self-awareness. The program will entail snowboard lessons with experiential learning activities, reflection, and discussion. No previous snowboard experience is required to take part in the program. We are just looking for youth who are passionate and excited about learning this new sport!

    The snowboard program is for youth aged 11-19 and will take place every Thursdays, from Jan 11 – Feb 15, 2024. All snowboard equipment will be provided by Chill. Youth will be accompanied by Hijabi Ballers Agency Leads that will provide support and supervision during the program. This program is completely free for youth! Limited Spots Available – Register online as soon as possible.
    Please note this is not an exclusively girls only or Hijabi Ballers only program. Hijabi Ballers youth will have a chance to meet and connect with other youth, through this unique program.

    Visit here to learn more about Chill and its programs: https://www.chill.org/programs

    Program Location: Snow Valley Ski Resort (Transportation to and from Snow Valley Ski Resort will be provided via two pickup locations in Toronto at approximately 2:30 pm)

    Program Dates: Thursdays, Jan 11 – Feb 15, 2024

    Time: 2:30 – 10 PM

    Applicants MUST:
    Be 11-19 years of age
    Identify as Muslim female
    Be available to attend ALL of the session dates and be available for backup days
    Arrange their own transportation to scheduled pickup location on session days (for approximately 2:30 pm)
    Arrange their own transportation from drop off location to home on session days (approximately 10 pm)

    If you have any questions, please email hijabiballers@gmail.com to reach Noshin Hussain, Ayeza Ahmad, or Amal Hirole, the Agency Leads for the program.

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