Excel For Beginners

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  • Class Description

    *Excel Mastery Crash Course with Instructor
    Course Details:
    Date: January 21st to February 18th, 2024
    Time: 1 hour daily
    Location: Live on Zoom
    Instructor: Shezal Khan

    Course Description:
    Unlock the Power of Excel: Join our Excel Mastery Crash Course for 5 days of immersive learning!

    Course Highlights:
    Comprehensive Excel training for all ages (15+)
    Live daily sessions on Zoom
    Hands-on practice and real-world projects
    Certified Excel expertise

    🎉 Imagine being the master of spreadsheets, effortlessly crunching numbers, organizing data, and impressing your colleagues and professors. 🎉

    Excel is not just a tool; it’s a superpower! In a world driven by data, Excel skills are your ticket to success. From students looking to ace assignments to professionals seeking that extra edge at work, Excel is a game-changer.

    Course Breakdown:
    Day 1: Excel Basics and Navigation
    Dive into Excel’s interface.
    Learn the art of creating, saving, and opening workbooks.
    Navigate worksheets and cells with ease.
    Format text and numbers like a pro.
    Master basic calculations for everyday use.

    Day 2: Excel Functions and Formulas
    Uncover the magic of Excel functions.
    Utilize SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, and MIN to simplify data.
    Craft formulas for solving real-world problems.
    Demystify relative vs. absolute cell references.
    Gain hands-on experience with sample data.

    Day 3: Data Management and Visualization
    Organize data seamlessly using tables and lists.
    Master the art of sorting and filtering data.
    Transform data with conditional formatting.
    Create eye-catching charts and graphs.
    Design and customize bar charts and pie charts.

    Day 4: Advanced Excel Features
    Implement data validation for data integrity.
    Dive into the world of pivot tables for insightful analysis.
    Build, customize, and analyze pivot tables.
    Solve complex problems with IF and VLOOKUP functions.
    Embark on a practical project: Create a grade tracker.

    Day 5: Automation and Efficiency
    Automate tasks with macros for ultimate productivity.
    Record and run macros for efficiency gains.
    Seamlessly import and export data (e.g., CSV files).
    Unlock expert tips for navigating Excel with ease.
    Course finale: Summary, Q&A session, and certificate distribution.

    Excel isn’t just a spreadsheet; it’s your secret weapon for academic excellence, career advancement, and streamlined daily life. Our Excel Mastery Crash Course will transform you into an Excel wizard in just 5 days.

    Join our community of learners and embark on a journey to Excel mastery. Whether you’re a student gearing up for academic success, a professional aiming for a competitive edge, or a parent eager to see your child thrive, this course is your gateway to Excel brilliance.

    Don’t miss out! Enroll now and let Excel open doors to new possibilities in your life.

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