Engineering and Society Debate Club – Islam-Integrated

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  • Class Description

    Dates: Wednesdays, October 18, 2023 onwards, 6:30pm-7:30pm
    Location: Online

    In this 1-hour class, students will explore topics on artificial intelligence, environmental sustainability and bioengineering. Each week, we will select a topic – for example, should robots replace nurses. I will provide an overview of the concerns on the pro and con sides. Then, students will get time to prepare their own thoughts and discuss their ideas and perspectives in the class. Discussions will be in a variety of formats (such as debates, role-playing, case studies, etc). At the end of every class, students will discuss and reflect on the Islamic perspective on the topic of the week.

    In this course, students will get to experience common dilemmas and ethical issues faced on the individual, organizational and governmental level in the realm of engineering and society. This class not only exposes students to current events in a safe space, but allows students to develop ethical perspectives on real issues. Students also practice communication skills, debate skills, independent thinking, group work and most importantly, critical thinking.

    Oct 18: Should recreational drones be flown in cities?
    Oct 25: Should robots replace nurses?
    Nov 1: Should taxis be eliminated by self-driving cars?
    Nov 8: Should school become completely virtual?
    Nov 15: Should genetically modified foods be labelled?
    Nov 22: Should animals be used for research?
    Nov 29: Is it important to explore space?
    Dec 6: Should paper be eliminated in schools?
    Dec 13: Does social media improve human connection?

  • Learning Goals

    Students learn about current events related to engineering & society.
    Students learn common ethical theories in a simplified way.
    Students learn how to agree/disagree in a healthy, professional manner.

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