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    Welcome to the mesmerizing world of Computer Animation! 🎨 We are thrilled to welcome you to this captivating journey of creativity, storytelling, and digital artistry. In this course, you will step into the realm of computer-generated wonders, mastering the art of animation. Get ready to bring your imagination to life and craft visually stunning animations! 🚀

    🗓️ Starting on December 30th, 2023, from 1 PM to 2 PM, we’ll gather every Saturday, catering to enthusiasts aged 13 and above.

    📚 Course Introduction:
    Prepare for an extraordinary adventure as we dive into the captivating world of Computer Animation. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some experience in animation, rest assured that our nurturing environment is designed to help you thrive and unleash your creative potential. 🖥️🌟

    🎯 Learning Outcomes:
    By the end of this course, you will have accomplished remarkable milestones that will empower you to craft stunning animations:
    1️⃣ Master the basics of animation software, including navigation and object transformations.
    2️⃣ Dive into modeling and materials, allowing you to create intricate 3D objects with realistic textures.
    3️⃣ Explore the powerful node editor and delve into rigging, bringing life and movement to your creations.
    4️⃣ Craft captivating object animations that add depth and dynamism to your scenes.
    5️⃣ Create engaging character animations, infusing personality and emotion into your characters.
    6️⃣ Learn the nuances of lighting and rendering, elevating the visual quality of your animations.
    7️⃣ Culminate your journey with a summative project, showcasing your newfound animation skills.

    📅 Weekly Topics:
    Over seven immersive weeks, we will explore various facets of Computer Animation, with each week focusing on a specific theme to enhance your animation skills:
    🌟 Week 1: Introductions, Navigation, Object Transformation – Get acquainted with animation software, learn to navigate, and master object transformations.
    🌟 Week 2: Modeling and Materials – Dive into the world of 3D modeling and materials, creating realistic textures for your creations.
    🌟 Week 3: Node Editor and Rigging – Unlock the potential of the node editor and delve into rigging for lifelike movements.
    🌟 Week 4: Object Animation – Craft dynamic object animations to enhance your scenes.
    🌟 Week 5: Character Animation – Bring characters to life with expressive animations that convey emotions and actions.
    🌟 Week 6: Lighting and Rendering – Explore the art of lighting and rendering to create visually stunning animations.
    🌟 Week 7: Summative Project – Conclude your animation journey with a comprehensive project that showcases your newfound skills.

    🏆 Summative Project:
    To celebrate your growth and creativity, we’ll conclude the course with a summative project. This project will be a culmination of your learning and animation efforts throughout the course. It’s your opportunity to demonstrate your animation prowess and bring your imagination to life on the digital canvas.

    🤝 Why Take This Course:
    Enrolling in this transformative course offers a world of creative opportunities:
    🌟 Unlock the power of digital storytelling through captivating animations.
    🌟 Gain essential skills applicable in the fields of animation, gaming, and multimedia production.
    🌟 Open doors to exciting career paths in animation studios, game development companies, and more.
    🌟 Harness your creativity and bring your artistic visions to life through the magic of computer animation.

    Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary animation journey? Let’s bring your ideas to life, explore the art of animation, and awaken the animator within you. Get ready to shine, forge lasting connections, and grow collectively as we celebrate your remarkable transformation into a proficient Computer Animator.

    Ready to embark on your animation adventure? Register using the link below and join us in this captivating journey of creativity and storytelling through Computer Animation! 🎨🎬

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